Welcome to the amazing world of Hoverboards

Hoverboards are the latest fun toy to flaunt:

Kids are whizzing past and grown-ups too! You may wonder why they are so excited and chattering away boisterously as if they are having an adventure of a lifetime. But then you suddenly sight their new jazzy gizmo under their feet and you secretly desire one for yourself! Welcome to the world of these boards where levitating from the ground and balancing yourself on these two wheeled scooters means a world of fun and entertainment for you and your entire family.

Which are the best rated: 2 wheel scooters / hoverboards:

If you log on to the various websites on the World Wide Web you will realize that there are so many recommendations for buying the best 2 wheel scooter. The best ones are however the one that conforms to the fire and electrical safety norms of UL 2271 and are certified by them.

There are indeed so many hoverboards in the market today and scores of well known brands that one can be easily misled in to buying something that is really not worth the money and the effort. The common perception of 9 out of 10 reviewers is that the Halo Rover is the best in the market now. It has five star ratings and with a range of 10 miles it is very good for the price that is marked.

However, users of hoverboards across the various brands and category will tell you that the ultimate hoverboard for fun: Swagtron! What is it that makes Swagtron a unanimous choice for people who love to hover around on their boards?

For the beginning, the price is just right for people who are at entry level. It is neither too closely to be affordable nor is it too cheap to cut corners in the production and safety of the board. It has a swell rating of four and a half and it can carry weight up to 23 pounds. The distance that it can cover in one go is 23 miles per hour which is really good.

Where can you buy Razor hoverboards chargers (online)?

Do not look beyond online stores when you want to buy chargers or battery kits for your hoverboards. The idea of convenience from buying at the online stores is so convincing that a lot of people have indeed stopped physically going out and shopping unless of course that stuff is not available at the various online stores r the shipping is too high to be door delivered. The convenience of ordering the charger at Amazon store so good that you will want to do it the next time around too.

Hoverboard skins – top quality are available too. If you look around, you may see a lot of hoverboards that people use are different from the ones that are available of the shelves. My neighbor seemed to have a new hoverboard every day until I discovered that it was only the skins that he was changing! The skins can apparently make them look like new always!!

Find Yourself A Good Vocal Microphone

When it comes to recording, you must have the best of the equipments you can afford, so that you can get the best out of your recordings. While everyone knows the quality of the sounds produced in the first place is very important, not many realize the quality of the devices used play a major role too.

Apart from the recording equipment there are microphones too. Yes the right microphone can actually decide the fate of your recording. If you use the right mic, you can not only record your voice or the instrument sounds clearly, you can even lift it up and record a sound that is clear, crisp and louder.

Vocal Microphones

There are a number of microphones specifically designed for vocals. Though other mics can be used to record your vocal, and these mics can be used to record instruments, when you use it for your vocals, you can see why they are meant to be used for that.

Shure SM 7b HQ mic

This mic from Shure is a dynamic microphone that uses the classic cardioids pattern. This helps in rejecting all the surrounding unnecessary sounds and picks up only the sounds given to it directly.

When you talk or sing on a mic, you are bound to breathe into it and also get breath explosive sounds. When you use this mic, that problem does not exist as it has the standard windshield to prevent your breath from reaching the mic. In addition to this shield, it also has a removable A7WS windscreen that can be used for close-up talking.

The flat and wide range frequency response of the mic helps in delivering a much smoother and more natural sound, be it vocals or instruments. Over all this mic is a great choice for in studio vocal recordings, be it for talking or singing.

Blue Yeti Microphones

If you have checked the cool blue yeti microphone reviews online, you would realize this is the most sought after USB microphone among all the Yeti mics. This is because this mic has flexibility like no other and offers four different settings. You can change the settings as per the requirement and record anything, be it music, vocals or even interviews. The four settings offered are: cardioids mode, stereo mode, omnidirectional and bidirectional mode.

Just one of these mics is good enough to record a group lecture or speech, instead of using multiple mics. Ann no matter where the recording takes place, the sound quality is something you would definitely be impressed with. You can even listen to your own recording via headphones by connecting it to the mic through the headphone jack. It is a single unit with multiple features and uses.

Sennheiser Wireless Mic

When you are on stage performing, the last thing you want is to be held back due to wires. Getting around these wires and ensuring they don’t get tangles, can be very distracting during a performance. This is why you need a wireless mic.

When you get the best sennheiser wireless mic, there is nothing for you to worry about. This brand is known for its quality and the effective sound delivered. These mics are easy to set up with your existing equipment and thus saves you a lot of time.

Scarlett 2i2

Now that you have the best mics lined up in your list, it is time to check out a USB audio interface too. Just do a compare of specs for scarlett 2i2 ! and then you will realize it is by far the best in the market.

With an option to record two mic at once, this easily portable device is a perfect buy for those who are into recording. When you can’t have a big sized professional equipment, the Scarlet 2i2 can be your compact device with professional unit qualities.

Radar Detector – How To Pick The Right One

Sometimes having no choice makes life easy. When there are too many to pick from, it does become a pickle. Different brands come up with different products that have multiple features. You might like some, and dislike others. The trick is to pick the one that has everything that you need so that your speed is not killed in the process.

Window shopping online is one of the best ways to go. The idea is to go through the entire collection and see what is out there before picking out the best. Before that, it is prudent to see your needs. The size and the horsepower of your car, the geographical location of your address and your budget are some of the things to consider before deciding what radar detector to buy.

One of the best radar detectors is Whistler – CR90. This is a gadget that is worth considering for your vehicle. According to various reviews, the Whistler CR90 has featured in the top five. That qualifies for something. It comes with a built in GPS that is quite an add-on. The price is also a big advantage. It is very affordable compared to the other gadgets in the market. It is found an attractive feature because a low cost does not mean the quality of the product is compromised. On the contrary. This product is capable of detecting all the possible radar and laser frequencies that are utilized by the cops to catch the unwitting speedster. The internal GPS adds power to the radar detector by providing alerts for various threats that do not emit any signal. They are the ones that are hard to catch. For example, the red light camera and the speed camera are not easily detectable. The GPS is an added advantage to the radar detector. For the cost that is charged to the gadget, the GPS is a steal indeed. this radar detectors offer best value for cash.

Another good gadget to have is the high quality radar: escort passport 8500 / x50. This is a reliable radar that does not miss much. With a range and accuracy that is fairly decent, this product must be considered as well. While it might not top the list of best radars in the market, it does stand on its own pretty well. One of the unique selling points of this gadget is that the false alerts that are caused because of the traffic signals are blocked out by the traffic sensor rejection. This is an advantage when compared to those detectors that go off at every junction and intersection. Nothing kills speed like a false alarm.

It does not top the list because it does not have features like GPS to detect red light cameras, speed traps, and speed cameras

The Passport 9500IX – HQ radar reviews state that this gadget is one of those few who lives up to the claims of being technologically advanced. The defender database helps the driver locate speed cameras and red light cameras. The range offered by this gadget is truly exceptional. There are very few to no false alerts issued by this radar detector. With the internal GPS to add to the charm, one can definitely buy this without any qualms.


Drone racing is becoming highly popular and many enthusiasts have taken up it as their most favorite hobby. Recently go pro drone has become the trending feature, which enables the user to take quality photos and videos during flight time. A drone that is compatible with go pro offers the possibility to mount the GoPro camera to the bottom of the drone to enable clear and effective photography and video recordings. This is due to the fact that Go-Pro action camera is best used when mounted to drone. However only professionals preferred these Go-Pro drones.

Budget friendly drones under 300:

If you were on a search for an effective drone priced under $300, the best option would be the Husban H501S X4. This model from the reputed Husban brand has amazing set of features that makes it the best drone for the price. It has the most powerful GPS feature in both the drone and the remote supported by a headless mode, follow me mode, one-key return and landing option. This drone is said to be the ultimate suit for taking selfies with a powerful 1080pHD on board camera.

It has a flight time of up to 20 minutes that has a range of 300 meters. With a 6-axis gyro, a remote with 2.4Ghz frequency and a FPV Transmission of 5.8Ghz, it proves to be the most budget-friendly drone with super efficient features. This makes this amazing product from Husban most apposite drone even for beginners. For more details and specs on the Husban H501S X4, kindly visit https://www.bestairbd.com/cheap-drones/best-drone-under-300/

Top Rated Drones for Kids:

Drones are operated by both professionals and by beginners who have started to learn flying a drone. A professional might not mind spending some huge amount of money to own a full-fledged professional drone, but for a beginner and a kid, spending more money on a drone might not be a good idea, so for people like them there are budget-friendly as well as user-friendly drones that offer the best features at a low rate.

1. Holystone HS170:

The HS170 Predator Mini Drone from the holystone known to be the most favorite and bets selling mini drones in the market. This package brings to you a HS170 Quadcopter, a 2.4 Ghz controller, a USB charging cable and one 3.7V 250mAh Li-Ion battery. This makes your dream of flying a quadcopter a possible reality with great ease of use. For more information about the HS 170 click the link http://www.bestairbd.com/kid-friendly-drone/holy-stone-drone/.

2. Akaso X5C:

The Akaso X5C features a headless mode, which offers an easy operation mode, equipped with a 360-degree flip macro key remote, LED Night light, bright LED directional lights, a USB adapter and a TF memory card. So you practically don’t need to hesitate whether the top rated drone for kids: Akaso X5C?? The Akaso X5C indeed proves to be the best drone for kids.

Affordable and Benchmade Survivalist Knife

Where can I buy best knifes produced by Benchmade? Looking for best knive for going hiking?? Knife central and amazon are two best options that have all the answers to your questions. These sites have list of options with detailed information about the products and competitive prices which will help you to decide best option for you.

It is one of the best options in the market if you want good pocket knives. Looking for top rated knifes to buy – affordable too then benchmade have plenty of options for you. It is one of the most trusted and valued brands in the market.

There are few important features that are must in any good pocket knife:

* Blade metal: Carbon steel or Stainless steel. It really makes a difference that knife’s blade should be strong enough to survive in wilderness. From cutting/slicing to batoning, it should be sturdy to complete the job with finesse.

* Sheath: It is equally important to have a best quality of sheath as it protects both, you and the knife. A perfect fit sheath makes knife rattle free and easy to carry.

* Handle and Pommel: It should be made of durable material. A strong handle and pommel can be used for hammering or other survival purposes. Some knives have hole at the end of the handle which can be used if required as a spear tip if fastened to a long stick.

* Ergonomics: A poorly designed knife will never survive the wilderness. A good designed grip prevents from blisters and helps you to use it for multiple purposes.

* Size: It matters a lot that the size of the knife should neither be too big or too short. A small blade might not perform rugged task properly on the other hand a large size knife may impact the ability to effectively use it for detailed task.

Each individual have a different prerequisite, from usage to liking when it comes to knife. A good brand provides you with ample of options to choose from as per your requirement.

These knives have solid handles and flat pommel which prevents your hands from blisters if you work with it for long hours. From cutting wood for born fire to slicing/chopping onions or steak, survivalist knife is a must product in your backpack bag.

Benchmade is well known brand for high quality knives proudly made in USA. A good survival knife serves variety of purposes and can make a difference between food and hunger or shelter and exposure.

Sheath of a knife should be good too for knife’s long life. It should be versatile to allow you to keep it anywhere as per your suitability like on your belt or backpack. It should protect both you and knife properly. Benchmade fits all mentioned requirement. It is brand name that speaks for itself. Products of this brand are geared towards many niche markets.

Benchmade Contego is a knife that has a reverse Tanto blade and carbide glass breaker. It weighs 5.9 ounces. Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 is a full size pocket knife. It has perfectly positioned pocket clip and smooth, in-built blade lock.

Expensive knifes are better is not a right approach. There are plenty of options in the market to choose from. It all depends on what suits your necessity. There are different brands available in the market with varied price range and product’s specification which provides you to choose the best suitable option for you.

Dirt-Bikes, ATVs, Go Karts And What Not For Your Kid

When the weather changes and sun comes out, it is finally time to have some outdoor fun. Outdoor fun is not limited to just running around and playing some sport. One can have fun riding vehicles too. You have a variety of options ranging from the buggies, dirt bikes to ATVs. While they are majorly known for adults, there are manufacturers who have come forward to satisfy the demands of the kids as well.

RAZOR buggy – dune master ①

Now, when the kids want to go out to the beach or some sandy place and ride, feel the wind on your face and have some unadulterated fun, all you need is the perfect dune buggy. The dune master from Razor is very vintage looking, making it a “cool” ride for the older kids.

Made out of steel body, the buggy is sturdy, safe and reliable to let your kids to ride on. It can be used by kids above the age of 8 and can take a maximum weight of 120lbs. for safety purposes the seat is equipped with shoulder straps, so that your child doesn’t get thrown off, were they to hit a curb or brake too sudden. The disc brakes and acceleration control are all in hand’s reach.

This buggy can go up to a speed of 9 mph and can last a good 40 minutes when charged fully. This time is good enough for the kids to have a fun ride, after which they can move on to other activities, while the buggy is put on charge.

It has 8 inch knobby pneumatic tires to give the kids the feel of a real buggy, and is completed with a flag. The kids can pretend to be in a real time race and have lot of fun.

MX500 RAZOR is fun ride!

Now for those kids who love motor bikes, any kiddy bike will not do. They are not going to accept a low powered kids’ toy bike. They want the real deal. But how can you give it to the? Give them the Razor MX500 instead.

Powered by 12V rechargeable batteries, this bike can run 10 miles or for 40 minutes on a full charge. These batteries are meant to last for approximately 2 years, as they have a life of 250 recharge cycles.

The bike design is very close to the original, with proper dirt-bikes frame, big pneumatic tires, dual suspension, riser handle bars and retractable kick stand. The acceleration and brakes are in the handlebar, thus does not require your child to do anything with their legs. When the kid’s version is so close to the original why would your teenager hate you for not buying the real one?

Go Karts

For those kids who want more adult fun, a big vehicle to control, you can opt for the black colour for my Razor GO Kart N. This black beauty from Razor can go up to a

speed of 12 mph and is suitable for kids 8 years or older. All the controls are at hand’s reach and the body of the car is very sturdy and reliable. The kids can ride on for a whole 40 minutes until come back to you for the next distraction.

Apart from all these vehicles, there are a number of electric ATV for kids too. The market is flooded with product for kids as they manufacturers know who their promising customers are. Buy one of the above for your kid and watch them have fun and leave you alone.

Wine Cooler – For the perfect cool drink

A perfect kitchen needs all the right tools to serve the food and drinks the way people like it. Some like smoothies while others like rich desserts. The same applies to drinks as well. The temperature of the beverage can glorify the drinking experience or deny it. Having a good wine cooler at your home can solve this issue.

There are different websites that can be looked into to find the best selling wine cooler on the market!! Reading reviews and the experiences of other wine cooler owners can help you decide which cooler to purchase. Some of them offer perks and coupons along with the equipment which make you tilt your decision in their favour. Wine and beer enthusiast will like this coupon EEE. Read all about the features and the pros and cons before picking the right equipment.

A look at the Newair wine and beer coolers to buy will give you an idea of what the market has to offer. The stainless steel and the wood front shelves add glamour to the equipment. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the house. That is one of the factors that makes this equipment a fine addition to the house. The 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator is one of the good purchases. It is a big cooler and a very obvious attraction that you can show off with pride. The 32 bottle capacity is divided into two zones to enable easy storage. The racks are removable if the bottles are too big for them. This versatility is a big advantage to wine lovers who love different brands of the drink.

If you are looking for a cooler with lower capacity, the Haier 12 bottle is the next best option. An advantage of the Haier 12 bottle wine fridge – low consumtion of power is that your electricity bill will not shoot through the roof. It is important to find the right storage capacity. While some might want to store wine for years, some prefer to buy old wines and consume them immediately. The style is also important to many as a wine cooler is like an ornament of the kitchen.

Modest size counter top coolers are some of the most popular models. With ready to drink beverages available on the market, there is not much work to be done by the owner of the drink except to consume it with pleasure. The wine cooler in such cases need not be big.

The features to keep in mind while picking the right wine cooler are

* Climate control – This is a very personal taste. Some like the wines really chilled while others prefer the wine at a few degrees below the room temperature. The climate control on the equipment must enable such numbers.

* Price – A lot of people give importance to the price of the equipment to see if they are worth it.

* Capacity – With many ready to consume drinks on the market, people mostly prefer a smaller cooler that does not occupy too much of space

* Size – The size plays a role because different beverages come at different sizes. Removable racks in the cooler enable storage of different sized bottles

* Style – A Wine cooler can never run out of style. The better looking it is, the more vital a role it can play in the kitchen.