As with any luxury brand, Gucci also has several luxury products, handbags being one of them. When you step out with an authentic Gucci bag, you need not do anything else to make an impression. Your Gucci bag will do all the hard work for you. It will show people where you belong and that anything ordinary in not for you.

But again, unfortunately if you fall prey to a fake purchase, nothing can be more embarrassing than that. The worst feeling is if you have paid a high price and been duped into buying a fake.

So when you have laid your eyes on those choices of black Gucci bags with gold handles, make sure you send it through your complete authenticity check before you make the purchase. Firstly each of the black Gucci bags with gold handles will be different from each other and these designer bags do not believe in whole sale production. Apart from that, there are various checks you need to make. Let us see some of them:

  • Make sure the bag has a leather tag with the name, style, serial number mentioned. “Gucci Made in Italy: must be seen anywhere inside the bag.
  • The sales receipt is yet another way to check for its authenticity. An original sales receipt will always have the sales associates number as well as the date of purchase that cannot be fabricated.
  • The zippers and hardware such as handles, clasps must be of the highest quality. If you find the quality inferior, it is probably not original. An original Gucci bag will not have handles and clasps from where the color has worn off or any such faults.
  • All new Gucci handbags come in an additional dust bag.
  • You must also keep an eye of the material of the bag. If it the seams show faults in stitching it is not original.
  • Every new Gucci bag will come along with a ‘Controllato’ card which proves it has been checked thoroughly.