Why Is Software Testing So Hard?

Software testing is the process of carrying out an investigation on a newly created software or program with the aim of identifying any bugs that could be errors or defects in the program created, preventing it to produce the expected results. Software testing must be carried out before its launch and after every new update, to ensure that the software meets the expected standards and is able to function without any hiccups.

However, software testing is hard and difficult to carry out for the following reasons:

  1. The tester should be fully aware of both the valid and invalid inputs and the corresponding expected outputs for that particular program, and the combination could be many and random.
  2. The tester should check the functionality of every parameter, covering all possible angles. In short, you cannot afford to leave even one stone unturned out of the thousands.
  3. Testing must be carried out not just on the overall program but also for every single line of code that has been written and this process is time-consuming.
  4. It is similar to simulation. Before launching the live version of the software, it has to be tested simulating the actual scenarios, irrespective of how many are there in the beta stage. However, there might be cases where the tester might not be able to carry out testing a real-life For example, testing payment gateways in any online shopping websites or launching a satellite can only be performed live as there is no beta stage or demo testing here. In such cases, the entire team must be prepared to handle and resolve bugs almost instantaneously, which is a difficult and risky task.
  5. Most importantly, while testing software, the tester should not only think in terms of the programmer and his expected inputs and outputs. Rather the tester must keep in mind how various users of different knowledge levels will use the application, check for any possible bugs and ensure that the corresponding error messages are displayed correctly if the case were.

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