Dirt-Bikes, ATVs, Go Karts And What Not For Your Kid

When the weather changes and sun comes out, it is finally time to have some outdoor fun. Outdoor fun is not limited to just running around and playing some sport. One can have fun riding vehicles too. You have a variety of options ranging from the buggies, dirt bikes to ATVs. While they are majorly known for adults, there are manufacturers who have come forward to satisfy the demands of the kids as well.

RAZOR buggy – dune master ①

Now, when the kids want to go out to the beach or some sandy place and ride, feel the wind on your face and have some unadulterated fun, all you need is the perfect dune buggy. The dune master from Razor is very vintage looking, making it a “cool” ride for the older kids.

Made out of steel body, the buggy is sturdy, safe and reliable to let your kids to ride on. It can be used by kids above the age of 8 and can take a maximum weight of 120lbs. for safety purposes the seat is equipped with shoulder straps, so that your child doesn’t get thrown off, were they to hit a curb or brake too sudden. The disc brakes and acceleration control are all in hand’s reach.

This buggy can go up to a speed of 9 mph and can last a good 40 minutes when charged fully. This time is good enough for the kids to have a fun ride, after which they can move on to other activities, while the buggy is put on charge.

It has 8 inch knobby pneumatic tires to give the kids the feel of a real buggy, and is completed with a flag. The kids can pretend to be in a real time race and have lot of fun.

MX500 RAZOR is fun ride!

Now for those kids who love motor bikes, any kiddy bike will not do. They are not going to accept a low powered kids’ toy bike. They want the real deal. But how can you give it to the? Give them the Razor MX500 instead.

Powered by 12V rechargeable batteries, this bike can run 10 miles or for 40 minutes on a full charge. These batteries are meant to last for approximately 2 years, as they have a life of 250 recharge cycles.

The bike design is very close to the original, with proper dirt-bikes frame, big pneumatic tires, dual suspension, riser handle bars and retractable kick stand. The acceleration and brakes are in the handlebar, thus does not require your child to do anything with their legs. When the kid’s version is so close to the original why would your teenager hate you for not buying the real one?

Go Karts

For those kids who want more adult fun, a big vehicle to control, you can opt for the black colour for my Razor GO Kart N. This black beauty from Razor can go up to a

speed of 12 mph and is suitable for kids 8 years or older. All the controls are at hand’s reach and the body of the car is very sturdy and reliable. The kids can ride on for a whole 40 minutes until come back to you for the next distraction.

Apart from all these vehicles, there are a number of electric ATV for kids too. The market is flooded with product for kids as they manufacturers know who their promising customers are. Buy one of the above for your kid and watch them have fun and leave you alone.