Tech events are held every year to learn about the advancement in technology. The industry leaders gather together and discuss the future of technology. Here are the top upcoming technology events.

Smart Cities Week

Date: May 8 – 10, 2017

Location: Santa Clara, CA

It is an annual conference which focuses on innovation. The conference discusses issues to help companies prepare for the future. The main focus is the next generation of smart cities. The technology innovators will visualize the future city. Future transportation and artificial intelligence will be part of the discussion.


Microsoft Data Insights Summit

Date: June 12 – 13, 2017

Location: Seatle, WA

By attending this event, you will be able to connect with the industry experts. You will learn how to solve the most complex data challenges. You can share best practices and knowledge. You discover new tools to help in extracting new insights. You will know how to increase productivity, enhance collaboration and automate processes.


Think 2018

Date: March 19-22, 2017

Location: Las Vegas

You will learn a lot about artificial intelligence, cloud, Internet of Things, data and security. You will know about the latest advances in technology. Keynotes will be presented on the latest solutions.

These events give you the chance to meet industry experts and learn from them. You get a wonderful networking opportunity that helps your business to grow. You should make time to attend some of the events.