Five Home-Building Technologies of the Future

Whether it is to find the top rated camping toilets or to find other products for your home, the internet can be of great help. In fact technology, in general, is in favor of home builders today.

Transparent metal alternatives to glass

The glass is an important part of the construction in most places mainly as it allows light to enter. Though the transparency that the glass offers make it a wonderful part of the home building; but there are safety concerns attached. Even the strongest glass can be broken. There is the new concept of transparent see-through aluminum that is on the rise. With the strength of the metal and the transparency of glass, this is a breakthrough in construction.

3D printing

There have been few instances where 3D printing technology has been used to build the whole house. 3D printed houses are quicker to build and can also be intricately designed. For quickly building small homes this is a great option that is being used in many places.

Easy connect bricks

What if the bricks could snap fit on to each other like Lego blocks? This would revolutionize the field of home building. Besides improving the speed of construction and the ease of it, it would also increase the strength of the walls. This is a technology that is being studied and is likely to be implemented on a large scale in the near future.

Concrete that cures itself

Minor cracks in the walls can lead to major damages to the structure. To maintain the structural integrity of the homes for a long duration there is the concept of self-healing concrete that is being intensely studied. This would help the building heal itself, in the case of small cracks.

AR in building planning

Taking the 3D building plans to the next level comes to the use of AR or augmented reality. This would allow homeowners to navigate into a simulated model of their home and view every little detail of the design before it is actually implemented.

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