Microphones For Recording


Whether you have a properly established studio or a home based set up, for any audio recording you must own a good microphone. People often believe that a high end microphone will be very expensive but with proper research you can easily find one of top quality for affordable price.

  • Large diaphragm condenser mics are quite popular can be often seen in television and movies.These types of microphones are good for recording vocals. Also, on camera they look really very good. Even many other instruments sound great in these mics.
  • Small diaphragm condenser micsare also called pencil mics because of its small and sleek size.These are suitable for recording if you want to record sound of an instrument with high frequency such as acoustic guitar.The diaphragms used are smaller in a small diaphragm condenser.These mics can capture a high end shimmer. If you have a home based studio, then it is right type of mic for the songwriters or singers. A small diaphragm condenser can be perfect as a mic for vocal if you play acoustic guitar and sing.
  • Dynamic utility mics works on everything as well as some are specialized in a particular task. They are used for standard recording of drums, electric guitar and rock vocals. Hence, you will find the professional studios carrying many such mics. Even for home studios, you can always have a one of this as a collection.
  • Bass mics are used specifically for bass instruments. These are also called kick drum mic.It offers a frequency response that is characterized presence of a boost around 4k and a low end boost.
  • Multi pattern mics are highly versatile tools that offer the feature of switching between three polar patterns like Omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8.Hence, these are great for stereo recording.


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